Linen is the perfect canvas for classic Indian prints as well as modern motifs


Comfortable and cool, Linen is among the oldest fabrics in the world.

Woven from fibers of the flax plant, the process of fiber extraction is in itself, fascinating. Bacteria is used to decompose the natural pectin that binds the fibers of the plant in a process called ‘retting’.

All presence of wood is then removed by ‘scutching’ – crushing the stalks between metal rollers and a comb-like tool used to separate the fibers in the ‘heckling’ process. After more processing, the fibers are spun into yarn to make the premium product. Interestingly, the word ‘linen’ comes from “linum”, the Latin name of the flax plant but the origin of linen is traced back to Egypt (where it was apparently used as currency!). It spread to Europe through trading, and came to India with the British.

Linen is a perfect canvas for classic Indian prints and modern motifs. Sequins and patchwork are common ornamentations, giving linen sarees a wide appeal – across ages and lifestyles.