Soft to touch, with a unique lustre and singular design nuances, the Salem Silks are a must in every collection

Salem Silk

The high quality silk, & the ‘butta’ designs on the pallu and border that show up often on these sarees, set them apart.

Often referred to as Salem Silks (woven in the district of the same name in Tamil Nadu), these sarees come in vibrant, long-lasting colours. The fabric is soft and durable, making them comfortable and aesthetically appealing. Bright colours and large motifs are their hallmarks, along with textured bodies that lend a unique richness to each saree.

It is said that Salem is a derivation of the term “Salya”, which is the name of an ancient weaving community. Salem Silk dhotis have always been appreciated for their singular lustre and their exclusive border designs. With the boom in the handloom industry in the 1980s, Salem Silk sarees began to be woven on a large scale, and their popularity surged. Since they have no specific visible heritage, these attractive sarees enjoy a vast popularity and are worn on a variety of occasions.

Today, apart from agriculture, handloom weaving is the main source of livelihood for the people in the district. With close to 130 spinning mills and weaving units, Salem today has more than 20,000 families engaged in creating these beautiful sarees. A living example of a creative community, as it were!